imago, founded by Sindhuja Jagadeesh and Michael Gransitzki, is an Auroville based architecture studio, indulging and experimenting in Tropical Modernism, a blend of vernacular materials and techniques with the minimalist approach of modern architecture.

At imago, we aspire for a more conscious and collaborative architecture, focusing on more than beauty in form and efficiency in function.

Sindhuja Jagadeesh
principal architect

Sindhuja first came to Auroville to work under the guidance of Andre Hababou in Auromodele Atelier Architects, where she became a partner in 2009.  In 2011, she worked in her own Studio, where she designed and built a variety of projects in and around Auroville. She is a co-founder and principal architect of imago.


Michael Gransitzki
managing partner

Michael started working with small architecture offices in Germany and larger architecture firms in India already during his studies. He worked with renowned firms such as Venkataramanan Associates in Bangalore and fhd group in Hyderabad. Since 2011 Michael collaborated with various architecture officesdesigning and realising various projects inside as well as outside of Auroville. He is a co-founder and managing partner of imago.

Anjana Sashindran
associate architect

Anjana has started at imago as an intern and was quickly promoted to be a junior architect. After completing her studies from Karpagam University, Coimbatore, she has re-joined as an associate architect in 2018 handling various projects in a co-leading role.

GK Reddy
civil engineer

GK has completed his engineering degree at IFET College of Engineering, Villupuram. He has worked with a large construction company in Pondicherry, where he was assistant site engineer and in charge of site safety for the company largest construction project. He joined imago in August 2016 and currently oversees all local construction sites.

Weidong Liao
interior designer

Weidong has joined imago in March 2017. He has over a decade of experience as an interior designer for large-scale projects in China. He is currently in charge of technical planning and office operations.

Indhuja Vekatraman
junior architect

Indhuja has graduated from SAP Chennai with has keen interest in alternative technologies and hands on work. She joined imago as a junior architect with two years of on-site experiences.

Nadia Romeo
office admin

Shankar V


former team members:

Umar Mohammed, Namita Krishnan, Suhail Khuraishy, Barathi Raja, Shivangi Gadia, Navin Kumar S, Ashish Singh, Khyati Saxena, Javed Imran

Athia Jerry, Priyanka Pai, Priyanka Subramanian, Ann Roy, Tanaya Kadam, Divya K, Ishwariya Samuvel, Navaneetham A, Deepak Poddar, Pooja D, Rhea Goyal,