Residential – individual

  • Mark and Lilys House in Surrender Community, Auroville
  • Individual House in Fraternity community, Auroville
  • Sakthivel House, Pondicherry
  • Interiors for Villa, Ahmedabad
  • Salokya Residence, Kuilapalayam
  • House Expansion, Evergreen, Auroville
  • Forest House, Silence, Auroville (ongoing)
  • Jagran House,  Aurodam, Auroville
  • Rangathan House, Bommapalayam
  • Alan’s Extension, Auroville
  • Hemant’s Extension, Auroville
  • Subramanian House, Chennai
  • Coconut Villa, Bommapalayam
  • Private Townhouse, Bommapalayam (ongoing)
  • Private Villa, Chennai (ongoing)

Office/ Administrative

Residential – group housing

Educational/ Institutional

  • School for The Learning Community, Auroville
  • Lunch Hub at Oli School, Last school campus, Auroville
  • Tamil Heritage Centre, Completion of unfinished project in Auroville (ongoing)



  • Morning Star, Birthing Centre, Auroville (ongoing)