Coconut Villa

This villa near Pondicherry, is cozy retreat for a busy French businessman, who adores Pondicherry as the ideal place to find peace within and reconnect with the inner spiritual child.

The minimalist interiors, with an array of raw materials and textures, contracted by the warmth of the locally sourced and polished wood, reflects the clients needs and presents the naturally understood tropical modernist theme of imago architecture studio. 

The staircase spiraling ribbon-like from the first floor down, becomes the vertical sculptural feature of the living room.

The open uninterrupted space of the ground floor transforms this small space into an open socialising space around the kitchen-cum-dining-cum-workspace, interacting fluently with the double height living space, while the light filled bedroom with its large seamless southern opening and a bathroom that opens into a terrace garden does justice to the term “designer home”.

This tiny tropical villa masterpiece has managed to incorporate the existing coconut trees into its structure making it the best “Coconut Villa” in town.