Cité Universitaire

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In response to a large inflow of students and volunteers who come to Auroville every year to participate in this experiment and create an exchange through work, a group of interested Aurovillians began to pave the way to  the Cité Universitaire in 2010.

The aim of this project, originally, was to provide a systematic organization to channel these enthusiastic individuals into Auroville, and to provide them housing with basic amenities. This idea then developed into a larger one, envisioning a project that not only provides housing, but classrooms, auditoriums, reception spaces, a café and more. A site was allocated near the existing Indian Pavilion, and a first phase of this project was proposed shortly afterward for fund-raising.


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The first phase was to be a quickly built, dis-mountable structure, creating only accommodation, as the first and foremost need remained housing.  “Pods” were designed, and each of these pods aimed at providing for the basic necessities of living, with some shared facilities.

Today, this project is still waiting for funds to begin construction.

If you wish to know more about this project, are interested to participate in its making, or want to contribute towards it, please contact us!


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