Individual house in Surrender community

The last of individual houses in the community of Surrender, the house was designed in the former style of the already existing buildings. 2 storeys in height, the house was designed with an open porch/terrace, a living room, an open kitchen and two bedrooms. The first floor opens on two sides onto spacious terraces, one of which overlooks a roof garden.

First floor plan
First Floor Plan
Ground Floor Plan
Ground Floor Plan








The volumes in the facade were created using ferro-cement boxes, which also serves as thermally insulating air pockets that keeps the main walls of the house from heating up.


A rat-trap bond was used for the brick walls, which provides further insulation from heat


Inverted slabs for each floor were filled with burnt and compacted rice husk, a material found abundantly in the local context. This adds to the thermal insulation and keeps the roof slab from being an active thermal mass. Provision for roof gardens are made in certain pockets, and planter boxes surround the house at the first floor level.

Project status: completed in May 2011

Builders: Nivedha Constructions


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