Sub-post office and ration shop

Project at Morattandi Village, funded by the Government of India.

This project was initiated by the Auroville Foundation and designed by Imago architecture and design. The land abuts the NH 45 highway, and belongs to the Auroville Foundation. However, over the years, the village development has spread over this property, and most of the land is now occupied by village sprawl.

03  As an attempt to recover the remaining land, the Auroville Foundation has approached the problem in an inclusive and generous fashion: in order to address the growing need of the village whilst recovering a portion of the land, the Auroville Foundation, in collaboration with the local Panchayat, has proposed a sub-post office and ration shop as a first phase to secure the land. 



As a Phase II, some Auroville facilities are being planned here, to generate economic activity for the city of Auroville. The architecture of Phase I and Phase II are planned in such a way that the buildings, despite their widely differing usage, are connected by a common courtyard and visual access for the ration shop. This common courtyard will also be the link between the vernacular elements of climate responsive design, combined with an architecture language that is contemporary in both form and material usage.


Phase I is now about to begin construction; Phase II is currently being planned and will begin as soon as funds are available.

The project is being constructed by contracting team Aurocreation, Auroville. The walls will be made of compressed stabilized earth blocks, and the structure is RCC framed. The facade is a combination of granite, CSEB, ferrocement jali, and concrete forming yet again an interesting combination of modern and age-old materials.


To follow our site progress, click below:

– March 2015



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