Salokya – A residence near Auroville

This project is located near Auroville and is an experiment on low cost residential architecture with a focus on usability and climate responsive design.





A 1000 sq.ft in size, it is a simple 2 bedroom house, with compact spaces and carefully chosen material that can respond to the weather as well as the spatial experience that we desired to achieve. Simple features – such as the living room opening out into a water body – gives the house a feeling of luxurious spaces at the same time holding minimalism as its primary motto.




The structure is RCC framed with CSEB walls as fill-ins. We have emphasized on the usability factor, with plenty of inbuilt cupboards, a large enough kitchen, a compact yet well-designed bathroom/ toilet, thereby not compromising on the client’s day-to-day experience in his home due to a tight budget.

Ground floor plan
First floor plan

It is an open floor plan, with plenty of opening to allow for natural light and ventilation. The first floor roof is sloped mangalore tiles with insulation below.

Living furn 1a
Conceptual view: Open living-kitchen
Conceptual view: Living room overlooking a water body

Builder: Aurocreation, Auroville

Status: Completed

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