Residence in Prarthna community

Designed by a different architect originally, this house was a single bedroom, 2-storey structure for one person. The client needed more space to accommodate his new family, and so we began the process of extending his house. 2 more bedrooms and a bathroom were added.


The existing living room has been transformed into a circulation hub, at the same time making sure that the furniture layout remains unaffected. The kitchen was extended into a semi-open one with a bar counter separating the public living space from the more private kitchen. The mangalore tile-covered verandah leading into the living hub will now be a shaded family hangout space, for out-door living.

An extra terrace was added between the two bedrooms, uncovered, for those starry nights and twilight dinners. The windows are all shaded by tiled eaves, with wooden sub-structures. The entire house is surrounded by a water channel, not only for aesthetic reasons, but also to prevent crawling insects from entering the house.

Elevations sheet1

The material choices of the interiors reflected that of the older house: terracotta flooring, plastered walls and white ceilings. The compact new bathroom with its low ceiling was finished with blue oxide and inbuilt cupboards.


The original house with its rammed earth foundations was built at least 15 years ago, and could not be burdened further with a new structure and its dead load; we devised a system where although the 2 houses, old and new, visually touch each other and have become one seamless house, they do not depend upon each other structurally.




The style of the old house was vigilantly adhered to, so as not to disturb the architecture of both this house and its neighboring buildings.


Builder: Auroyali, Auroville

Date of completion: June 2015

Duration of project: 6 months

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