imago chosen for completion Tamil Heritage Centre

After the project came to a standstill, due to internal problems, a call was made to the community for architects to take on the completion of the project, and imago was selected as the new architect.

The program for this building covers a broad spectrum of functions – administrative offices, event spaces, workshops, classes, exhibitions, seminars, performances, secure exhibits, retail of crafts/artefacts and books, and display of relevant heritage items as a museum space.

imago will work with the existing building and aim for completion of the unfinished building in the most economic and time constrained manner.

A blend of local materials in a high-end context.. We love it! Nearing completion @ Gujarat

Levitating master bed!


View from the pool!

Semi-covered courtyard overlooking the pool


Stepped terrace, garden and jacuzzi


The second bedroom suite – sandstone and wood play


The third bedroom suite – oxide, sandstone and wood

Living room, third suite

Shower – Forest brown in front, open to garden on both sides

Stone and oxide – a melange we like!

Master bath – who wouldn’t want to ‘sink in’?

and… the house, in all its size and glory!


Progress at Morattandi site

Concreting of roof slab about to begin… The shell is almost finished!

IMG_20150309_082003 IMG_20150309_081945  IMG_20150309_0820462015-02-27 15.50.13 2015-03-09 08.20.57 2015-03-09 08.47.082015-03-09 08.46.44 IMG_20150309_081903


For more info on this project click here!


Update from TLC – February 2015

Here are some latest pictures from the site… The juicy brown of the wood contrasting intensely with the silver of the steel creates a beautifully warm environment… Better than we imagined!


IMG_20150225_095939IMG_20150225_095710 IMG_20150225_095901


Update on the TLC project in Auroville:

With the structure finished and the roof in place, we are now getting ready for the flooring and the walls.

Happy and exciting 2015!

A Happy New Year to all of our friends, family, supporters, clients, colleagues and collaborators.

This year will bring a lot of excitement to us, as we are starting new projects, experimenting with materials, budgets and styles, new collaborations and extending our ongoing collaboration with mgp.

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Site advancement of individual house in Pondicherry

Almost there…. The countdown begins!

IMG_0565IMG_0562 IMG_0542 IMG_0531 IMG_0525

Site pooja for the new Ration shop and Sub-post office at Morattandi!


First foundation bricks


Beautiful arrangement of pooja elements… Handmade deities of cow pats!

IMG-20141102-WA0007 IMG-20141102-WA0012

The project holder Mr. Srinivasmurty from Auroville Foundation


The final outcome!